Ship Stability

Hull Calculations

IMO Regulations including SOLAS, Stockholm Agreement, HSC Code, national and regional agreements present a complex picture of stability requirements. LNA ensures that all of the design and management team are always up to date with the latest requirements.

The team also offers technical expertise in the world’s best commercial naval architecture software package. NAPA is used by many leading European ship designers, shipyards and classification societies. It offers the capability to model the most complex 3D hull shapes and arrangements and to perform sophisticated analyses of ship behaviour including a full range of stability calculations both intact and damage, propulsion requirements, stress effects of loading, ship motions....etc.

LNA hull calculation services include:

  • Creation of 3D NAPA ship models for intact and damage stability analyses
  • Calculations for SOLAS and Stockholm Agreement compliance
  • Other stability documentation as required by Local Maritime Authorities
  • Ship inclining experiments and Stability Information Booklets
  • Assistance with model testing programs
  • Installations and training for onboard stability / loading software (Onboard NAPA and Easeacon)

Recent Ship Stability Projects

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