Naval Architecture

LNA offers its clients a broad knowledge of international maritime rules and regulations for both new building and conversion projects. We provide the flexibility of onsite design and calculation capabilities.

Key Services

  • Concept and initial ship design
  • Optimisation of newbuilding main particulars
  • Feasibility consultancy with prepurchase surveys
  • Tender documents and tender selection
  • Class and Flag State approvals
  • Hull forms
  • Hull resistance and propulsion predictions
  • Detailed design
  • Ship-shore interface for RoRo vessels


A successful ship design requires a broad experience and understanding of all the theoretical, practical and functional aspects of shipping and naval architecture combined with the specialist knowledge related to each particular type of vessel and service. LNA’s main focus is on passenger vessels and container ships.

Design incorporates interior arrangement and outfitting, exterior design and complete material specifications. LNA starts with preliminary calculations of main particulars and then draws up the general arrangement. The new hull form is developed using 3D modelling software to deliver capacity and performance requirements.

Feasibility Consultancy

Prepurchase services are available which include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Prepurchase surveys of all available vessels , identifying the most suitable vessels and designs, together with compliance to the relevant maritime regulations
  • Transport analysis of route capacity, tonnage and the best possible return for clients

Recent Naval Architecture Projects

 Examples of recent Naval Architecture Projects are listed below. Simply click on the project to see more details or go to the Recent Projects page: -

Examples of recent Feasibility Studies include: -


  • Ship Design
  • Marine Interiors
  • Ship Stability
  • Drafting Services
  • New Buildings
  • Conversions